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Thanks for making your way to Our Frugal Life! It’s always great to have new readers! I’d like to thank Daraius and Emily for featuring me at Million Mile Secrets today! What fun!

As mentioned in the interview, I delve into travel and frugal living topics here at Our Frugal Life. Travel is my passion, without a doubt. For the past two years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their dream vacations through maximizing their miles. Through my experience both with personal travel and with award bookings for clients, I’ve learned a lot and try to convey that information to my readers. But I also spend a lot of time focusing on how to make our money go farther. And I try to pass that advice on as well.

Some of my most popular posts have included a narrative on using miles to get 8 people to Australia for two weeks in business class during the peak holiday travel season. And my post on how we cut the cable cord was also quite popular. I also LOVE to pass along advice on family travel. Nothing (yes, nothing) makes me happier than to see the world through my kids eyes. Generally speaking, I try to write about what others may not be writing about. And I hope that that sets me apart from the herd…

As I’ve mentioned a few (too many?) times over the past several months, our family is on the eve of our Australia departure (the 15th country our kids will have visited). And we couldn’t be more excited. Want to read about traveling with kids on Qantas, Japan Airlines, or Cathay Pacific in business class? What about Christmas in Sydney as an extended family of 10? Well, stay tuned! It’s sure going to be an adventure and one that we will not soon forget. And we can’t wait to share it all with you!

Oh, and don’t forget to follow Our Frugal Life on Facebook and Instagram. I have no idea what kind of connectivity I’m going to have while away, but I surely will be posting photos at every opportunity!

And as a thanks for stopping by, I have a $50 Southwest Gift Card that I’m giving away to one lucky reader who leaves a comment about their favorite family travel destination. You have until December 24th to leave a comment and I’ll randomly generate a winner. Just keep in mind that I won’t be able to ship the gift card until we get back from Australia in the New Year!

I hope that you enjoy perusing the pages of Our Frugal Life and that you come back often!


Kids Admiring the Bavarian Alps in Germany!

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  1. Freeport, Bahamas was magical for my family of 6!!!! But we hope to take the kids to Kauai someday soon!

  2. Our favorite family destination was to Taiwan where we able to enjoy both surf and turf experiences hiking in the mountains and enjoying fresh seafood by the ocean!

  3. My husband and I love Alaska and dream of sharing it with our children and grandchildren. I am working on saving to travel us all from Michigan to Alaska in the near future. Thanks for all your help, excited about finding your site!!!

  4. my most memorable family vacation was Kauai. enjoying the pristine beaches, dramatic cliffs, grand canyon of the pacific, and chasing stray chickens were experiences the whole family could enjoy!

  5. Our family of six took an epic trip around the Northwest this summer and my favorite part, although I had a pretty tight itinerary, was that everyone was willing to go “off-book” to try something unexpected. One of my unforgettable moments was being the ONLY people running around Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC as the sun went down and Night Illuminations came on.

  6. Isla Mujeres during Christmas time is marvelous. During one of our trips there my 7 year old son at the time learned to snorkel in the Caribbean.

  7. My favorite family destination is anyplace where we can take several of us and rent a large house to share and relax with each other’s company. We have done this in Red River,NM and Gulf Shores, AL so far and both vacations were great!

  8. My favorite family destination is Disneyland. I never tire of reliving my childhood thru my children.

  9. Favorite trip so far was to NYC ,stayed at Park Hyatt 🙂 on award nights . The awesome mild weather made it even more enjoyable

  10. Favorite Family trip: We were fortunate that all four of us could go to Africa a few years ago – details here http://www.komar.org/faq/travel/vacation/african_safari_family_trip/
    My wife and I slept some of the 15-hour flight … my boys just played games the whole trip on the IFE – D’OH! 😉

    Jenni/Others: Next time you are in Alaska, I can highly recommend the Harding Ice Field just outside of Seward. Everyone goes to Exit Glacier (Obama did recently) … but if you are up for some hiking, you totally get away from the crowds and are rewarded with some outstanding views – see http://www.komar.org/faq/travel/vacation/alaska/seward/harding-icefield-hike/

  11. One of our favorite trips was to the Netherlands with our children when they were approx. 4 & 6 (now 28 & 30! ) They were little blue eyed blondes standing watching a flower parade in Aalsmer, Holland holding hands and numerous people took their pictures thinking they were little dutch kids. From US with Norwegian heritage! lol

  12. Personal favorite is Prague and hoping to take our family of 6 there. Love the unspoiled city and great people!

  13. Our family had a great time in Scotland. Enjoyed the castle, hiking the lochs and golfing. Beautiful there.

  14. Each new place I visit is my new favorite! Just got back from Viet Nam, and it was amazing in so many ways.

  15. 1. Great to learn of you on Million Mile
    2. Your experience booking multiple Biz Class fares will be valuable to us in the future

    3. You are right about exposing your kids to many cultures and countries at an early age

    4. My email address for future blogs should be a lower case “o” and not the Uppercase as shown below

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