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Today I find myself pondering several different topics so instead of delving into any of them, I’ve decided to summarize all of them…

Hyatt Diamond Status Match

Last Thursday night, Hyatt reached out via Twitter to those disenfranchised by their hotel loyalty program with this tweet.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.38.35 PM

One has to surmise that this was a result of the news that Marriott was buying the SPG portfolio and given that the SPG loyalty program is far more lucrative for travelers than that of the Marriott chain, this probably leaves a lot of unhappy SPG customers.

While I certainly was not the customer Hyatt intended to target here, the prospect of Hyatt Diamond status was too much for me to pass up. Like I do with mistake airfares, I threw my hat in the ring hoping for a status match but not counting on it. Well, lo and behold, I was matched to Diamond today even though I’m most certainly not their targeted audience. Hyatt Diamond status is one of the best top tier hotel statuses out there and very valuable to those who travel frequently.

Given that we’re leisure travelers, I’m likely not going to be able to take advantage of most of the benefits, but I am looking forward to the free breakfast everyday while in Sydney next month! For those who are looking for a similar upgrade, it appears that Hyatt has tightened up the requirements for this status match, but it’s worth submitting your credentials to goldpassport@hyatt.com to see what might happen. In order to be matched, you’ll need to show top status with a competing hotel loyalty program along with one stay in the past 12 months.

Chase Freedom 10X Return on Spending at Amazon

I wrote about this benefit a short while ago, but starting yesterday, you now get 10X back in Ultimate Rewards when you use your Freedom card on Amazon purchases through December 31. Given how easy it is to get most of what you want, need, wear, and read at Amazon, this is perfect timing for the holiday spending season. It certainly has me choosing Amazon over any other place if the price is competitive!

American Airlines Award Changes and Possibly Getting a Second 50,000 Mile Bonus on the AA MasterCard

American has announced that starting on March 22, the number of miles for award travel will be changing. In a few cases, the miles required are going down, but when it comes to business and first class travel, the miles required are going up significantly. That has many panicked to burn through their stash at the old rates before the change. We don’t have a huge stash of AA miles so this doesn’t really affect us for right now. It was only a matter of time before they made the change considering both United and Delta made huge changes to their award charts over the past year or two. If you’re interested in seeing the new award chart, you can peruse it here.

But of significant relevance given the timing of this change is the news that you may be able to get a second Citi AA Platinum Select MasterCard with the 50,000 mile bonus. Normally you need to wait approximately 18 months before receiving the bonus again for most Citibank cards. But with this card, apparently Citi changed many customer’s cards from “World” to “World Elite” and that change makes it a different product, thus allowing you to get the bonus again.

In order to determine whether or not your card was converted, you need to check the back of your AA MasterCard. Above the MasterCard logo, it will read “World” or “World Elite.” If it reads “World Elite” than you’re in luck, can apply again, and hopefully get the second 50,000 mile bonus! As a reminder, AA miles are not great for travel in premium cabins to Europe. But they are wonderful to the most of the rest of the world including Asia, the Middle East, and the South Pacific. Our favorite redemptions with AA miles have included Hawaii, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Maldives, and Abu Dhabi.

In short, there has been a lot of fun activity over the past week or so in the frugality and travel space. We are in the process of leveraging these offers to our benefit and hope that there are more to come.

What about you? Have you been able to benefit from any of these offers?

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  1. I also got matched to Diamond from Hilton Diamond. Hyatt do a lot better job than Hilton recognizing status. As a consequence of being matched I already have booked 17 stays at Hyatt for 2016.

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