Free $15 from Chase and $50 off $100+ Airbnb Purchase from Amex!

While I haven’t mentioned it much, the Chase Freedom is one of the best credit cards out there to have and to hold indefinitely. It comes with no annual fee and has a 5X return on your spending up to $1500 in rotating categories every quarter. Right now, the categories are Amazon, Zappos,, and 5X at Amazon over the holiday spending period?! Sweet!

Anyway, if you don’t already have one, there is no reason not to get it. The sign up bonus is pretty paltry at 10,000 Ultimate Rewards though sometimes it increases to 20,000. But the fact that it has no annual fee and you can get 5x your spending in certain categories throughout the year, make it a pretty great card. It has a permanent home in my wallet.

And combined with a Chase Sapphire or Chase Ink Plus card makes it a killer combo because you can transfer those hard earned Ultimate Rewards to your Sapphire or Ink Plus account and then transfer them into your frequent flyer or hotel accounts (you can’t transfer to travel partners directly from the Freedom so you or your spouse must have a Sapphire or Ink Plus account to transfer). If you don’t have a Sapphire or Ink Plus account, you can redeem the rewards for cash or other merchandise.

Right now, Chase is offering a $15 statement credit for anyone who uses their Freedom card at any retailer that participates in Visa Checkout. There are over 100 retailers who use Visa Checkout, but some of the more prominent ones are Staples, Gap, Newegg, Gymboree, Orbitz, Best Buy, etc. Say you peruse the list of retailers and don’t find anywhere that you can use the $15 off at. Well, Staples sells gift cards to a whole lot of other merchants that don’t use Visa Checkout. Those include (among lots of others) Home Depot, Target, Lowes, TJ Maxx, Southwest Airlines, Petco, Whole Foods, and Ebay. There are a ton of others, including Hulu Plus. Staples sells gift cards for 1 month of a Hulu Plus subscription for $7.99. So, if you bought two of them, you’d have paid $1 for 2 months of Hulu Plus. Pretty sweet!

$15 isn’t much money and many will rationalize that it’s not enough to sort through the options and find something to buy. But that’s not me. I’m still trying to figure out what our best play will be. I’m thinking a $25 gift card to Target or Panera might come in handy for Christmas or a family meal. And you have some time to decide. This offer is valid on a purchase made through December 31.

Don’t forget to create a Visa Checkout account for your Freedom card at the above link. And keep in mind that you do need to spend at least $15 to trigger the credit. It should take 1 to 2 billing cycles for the credit to appear. This offer is limited to one credit per account (therefore, it won’t work for a second credit via an authorized user’s card). But if both you and your spouse have the card, $30 back isn’t too bad!

And the new Amex Offer to hit the street is $50 back on a $100+ Airbnb purchase. While we’ve never used Airbnb because we most frequently use hotel points to cover our stays, this is a great deal. And there are lots of “$25 off your first stay” offers out there so if you’re also new to Airbnb, the combination of these two offers would result in a very cheap first stay.

To receive this offer, you’ll need to sign into your American Express account and scroll down. You’ll see the offers listed there that are available for your card. Scroll through until you find the $50 off the $100 Airbnb offer. You’ll need to add it to your card in order to receive the credit and you’ll need to pay for the stay (or gift card) using the card that you added it to. If you have more than one card, you will only get the offer once, but if it doesn’t appear on one card, try another because it may be associated with another of your Amex cards. Any purchase from will trigger the credit as long as it’s $100 or more so purchasing gift cards will work as well should you not have an immediate need to book a stay. And Amex limits the numbers offers out there so add it to your card ASAP if you have any potential for it. It may not be there if you wait until you need it. The offer expires on December 31 so make sure you make your Airbnb purchase before then!

A couple of great offers from a couple of great banks! I’m still on the fence about the Airbnb offer as I don’t see us using them for the foreseeable future, but it’s just a matter of hours before I decide how to use my free $15 from Chase!

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