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As any of you astute readers may have noticed, paid airfare from Boston of late has been pretty sweet. I mean $74 roundtrip from Boston to Miami, direct?! That’s crazy. You Facebook followers know what I’m talking about. But there have been two recent developments in cheap airfare to Europe that I wanted to spend a little time talking about.

Many of you know that Iceland is on our bucket list. In fact, we were hoping to do Iceland this summer. We’ll see if that comes to fruition, but WOWair is back with their discounted rates from Boston to Iceland direct this winter. For example, a flight departing December 4, returning December 10 is $271 roundtrip! Crazy!

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How I Would Love to Take Advantage of This!

Unfortunately, travel to Iceland in the middle of winter is not our thing… Yes, I am hoping to go north at some point to see the spectacular northern lights, but there is so much more to Iceland that I want to experience and bundling up, running from one warm spot to another isn’t what we’re after. We love to be outside and you just can’t do that for too long in the winter in Iceland. But I do know lots of people who want to enjoy the hot springs in the winter so this could be for you.

Keep in mind with Wowair that the dates for these awesome fares are quite limited. Right now there are sporadic dates through early March. If they ever have a summertime sale like this again, rest assured that I’ll be letting you know. But even if you do want to travel in the summer, there are still deals to be had. Flights departing June 18, returning June 25 are only $410 roundtrip. Too bad we had a delayed school start this year! I love taking trips right at the start of summer!

However, given that Wowair is a discount airline, you’ll pay for everything. You get a small carry on free of charge (which will be weighed so don’t think you’ll push the envelope there) but you’ll pay about $35 for a 20kg piece of luggage. You’ll pay for desirable seats. You’ll pay for anything to eat or drink on board. So, keep that in mind when booking! As a family of four, I think we could probably get away with two checked bags for summer travel and making sure everyone maxed out their 5kg carryon!

The other airline that is new to Boston but not so new to the discount airfare scene is Norwegian Air. Yep, an airline from another one of our bucket list destinations! But the great fare here is to London, not Oslo. Beginning in mid-May a roundtrip ticket from Boston to London Gatwick will be about $395 roundtrip. The further you get into the summer, the higher the fares are, but my guess is that the competition from Norwegian will force fares down meaning bargains will be had, even for peak summer travel!

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The total is 3385 Krone or about $395

A couple of things to note about Norwegian Air. One is that you’re going to want to set the page to Norge (Norsk) so that the currency is in the Norwegian Krone. For some reason, paying in Krone decreases the roundtrip price by about $100. You can simply use the translate feature of Google Chrome if you have difficulty reading the page. Secondly, very much like Wowair, you’re going to pay for everything. They give you a free 10kg carryon bag but the first checked bag will be $29 each way. And everything else will cost you too.

These are some pretty great fares out of Boston. I love non-stops and these are easy flights to some great places. But, as always, make sure you shop around to be sure you’re getting the best deal. Depending on what dates you choose, when you add the bag fees, etc. into the cost, it may just be cheaper to go with a traditional airline. I have a feeling that Wowair is in our future and I look forward to giving it a try when it meets our budget and schedule!

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