Chase Southwest 50,000 Rapid Rewards Offers Expires Today!

There is some indication online that the sign up bonuses for the Chase Southwest 50,000 Rapid Rewards personal and business Premier cards are expiring today. I have not yet found an expiration date in the terms of the online offers, but several people have received the offer in the mail and those offers indicate an expiration date of October 7. Therefore, if you haven’t yet jumped on this offer but planned to, I’d apply today to be sure.

For anyone with plans to travel around the US, to the Caribbean, or Central America, this sign up bonus can’t be beat. The number of points that Southwest charges is often much less than the traditional airlines so those 50,000 points can go far. And there generally is no availability issue as long as you’re ok with redeeming a large number of points during peak travel times. And, of course, the Companion Pass can’t be beat.

There are so many reasons to LUV Southwest so don’t delay if you were planning on applying for either of these cards. The offer may stick around longer, however all indications are that the offer is due to expire today. But if you miss it, don’t fret, a similar offer has come around about 3 times a year for the past few years so it likely will be back in early 2016.

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