Today Only! Amazon Prime at $67 for 12 Months!

UPDATE: You can only see the $67 subscription rate if you are not currently a Prime member and it does appear that gift subscriptions will not work. Still a great deal for those who do not have Prime currently, but it may not be worth it if you’re in the middle of your current subscription as there may be future sales that better align with your subscription period.

As you may or may not have heard, the Amazon Original Series Transparent won 5 Emmys on Sunday. To celebrate their wins, Amazon has announced that they will be selling a one year Amazon Prime subscription for only $67. We bought our subscription in January when it was $72 but it normally sells for $99. Even if we had paid $99, we certainly get our money’s worth, especially since we split it with others (the ability to share with more than one other Amazon account holder has expired except for those who had shared it prior to July of this year).

As I’ve discussed before, there are so many benefits of Prime and they’ve certainly got us hooked as customers. In addition to Prime, we have the Fire TV Stick and Kindle Fire and we love both. I also stream music from their streaming service while running. We have yet to take advantage of the newly added movie rental option, but are anxious to do so in a few weeks for our trip to Belize. Not to mention how frequently we use the free 2-day shipping feature. I also would like to start storing our photos in one place and I think Amazon Prime may be the spot since it’s free with our subscription!

But given that our subscription still has about 4 months left, can we take advantage of this sale? Yes, we can! Amazon is allowing you to buy as many Amazon Prime gift subscriptions as you like during this sale. You can gift them to friends or family, or you can hold onto them for future years for your own use (Amazon Prime gift subscriptions don’t expire).

If you’re interested in buying several years of a Prime subscription at $67, my advice would be to add the email address of the Amazon account that you’d like the subscription to go to when you buy the gift subscriptions. Then, when you click on the link to activate the account, make sure you log into that account. If you have a current Prime subscription like we do, you can wait until a day or two before it’s due to expire and cancel your current membership. Then activate your gift subscription for your new year. Just don’t lose the subscription emails in the meantime!

Given how much we use our Amazon Prime subscription, we will be purchasing several gift subscriptions to use over the course of the next few years (and we’ll continue to share it with my sister, making it even cheaper!). It seems that Amazon is doing a good job of adding new features or products that we use regularly so I imagine that we’ll continue to be Amazon Prime customers for many years to come!


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